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A Rose By Any Other Name

It's not often that this blog is inspired by the advice of my 8 year old son. But this one breaks that mould.

My 8 year old is obsessed by Mario games on the Nintendo: Mario Kart, SuperMario etc. But his absolute favourite is 'Super Mario Maker' - something I could only have dreamed of at his age - where the user creates their own gaming levels and then invites people from around the world to play their version of the game.

Now, normally I tune out a bit when he starts chatting about all his gaming adventures, but yesterday he said something that made my ears prick up; he told me that something as simple as the name of the user-created level hugely affects the number of people interested in playing it, and potentially drives positive (or negative) feedback. And that if gamers weren't getting the response they wanted, they should first look at changing the title.

It struck me just how important names are. Any physical product launching in today's world is heavily researched - and that includes the name. There's little difference in the less tangible online world. In fact, it's probably even more important.

Because the name of your podcast needs to stand out and shout what you do, who the episode is for and attract the right kind of person. The general advice is that the podcast series name should be between 3 and 5 words and be heavily influenced by the kind of words that will go into a search engine for the kind of listener you are after. And then the episode title should address the 'pain' that the podcast resolves for the listener - once again a great Google strategy - and makes the episode immediately relevant to the user swiping through titles.

I'll address the power of titles and online descriptions in a future blog (and I can go substantially in depth on this) but if you currently have an active blog, consider whether your title and description contains the kind of keywords that your target audience might be searching for. It's one of the key areas we cover with our new clients at Verbu as a foundation to podcasting success.

Let's see if the next blog can be influenced by my son's little sister. It might be a stretch finding inspiration in her Barbie doll collection but I'll give it a go.

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