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Are you talking to me?

As the famous Taxi Driver film line goes... "are you talkin' to me?". You'll have to bear with me as I haven't actually watched the film... ever... but I know the quote. Maybe that should be a lockdown resolution to get round to seeing the movie!

This blog isn't about celluloid story-telling. It's about telling your story in person, on a podcast, in an audio book, in a "long listen".

So I'll keep it simple. You must talk to ME. Singular. You're not addressing a crowd, you're talking one-to-one with your listener. Fingers crossed you'll get a good listenership for your podcast - but you are speaking directly to each consumer, building a relationship, talking into their ear (weird huh?).

Avoid phrases such as "all you out there", "tell people what you do", "I'm sure the listeners will have got a lot out of this podcast"- and replace it with "you".

I have a well trodden 'Ace Your Zooms' seminar that I run, where I explain how important it is to maintain eye contact on video conferencing at the risk of losing the personal connection. It's the same with audio; just you're doing it with language.

And whilst I'm on my high horse, another hint for a successful podcast.

Explain why you're saying particular things. You know that bit at the end where you say "please like and subscribe"? Why should the listener do that? The classic book, Marketing Warfare set up an experiment where an individual tried to jump a queue for the photocopier. The one who said "please can I use the photocopier", was understandably rejected. The one who said "please can I use the photocopier BECAUSE..." (and the reason could be as weak as "I need to make some copies"!) was much more likely to get what they wanted.

Ditto with asking people to like and subscribe, or whatever else you're hoping they will do. Explain WHY. If they give you a five star rating, you are more likely to appear in more people's searches (you might even get into the new and noteworthy section!) and the result of that, is that you share your message with more people who really need to hear it. Be honest with your listener. Tell them why. Because it's a great thing that you have to offer with your podcast and as many people as possible should know about it!

Finally, whilst I'm here, I've simply not had the chance to update my podcast for the last couple of weeks. The truth is, I've been beyond busy - and working 18 hour days. Not a reason to moan in these pandemic times but it has meant that my focus has been on my paying clients rather than my own podcast. I'll put that to rights in the next week, hopefully. However, in the meantime, may I recommend two projects I've been working on?

The Waves Of Clarity Podcast is a brilliant bit of content from the hypnotherapist, Tracy Kimberg. It even comes with regular hypnosis tracks, to download and re-use. I've been proud to see the download figures go up, and up and up over the last fortnight.

Plus I got to voice a whole audiobook! It's not on Audible yet - give it a few days - but pretty much everywhere else, including here. Having now created, edited and produced such a big project, I'm now set to take on more audiobook clients - so do let me know if I can help.

And bringing it all round to the start of this blog, both of the above projects do what I suggest perfectly - they talk to the one listener in a powerful but personal way. I wish both productions much success and hope to help you with yours, one of these days.

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