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OK. I'll bite. Clubhouse. The much-talked about new app, allowing users to jump on, 'broadcast' live audio from their phone (only Apple products at this stage), interview others and take questions, and - whilst this might say too much about me - end going down a rabbit hole of chat for 5 hours-straight!

Much has been written about Clubhouse in the last few weeks - both positive and negative - but I have a couple of observations that I haven't seen elsewhere and whilst, as I'll lay out below, I don't view this new platform as a replacement or competitor for podcasting, many in the podcasting world ARE getting unnecessarily excited about it.

Firstly, in my opinion, appearing on Clubhouse is NOT like podcasting. I've ranted on previous blogs about the mental limitations put on their podcasts (it's just a digital audio file and way of distributing it - the content can be absolutely anything) and the assumption of a 'podcast', and sadly the majority of podcasts themselves, is a long conversation between two people. Some of these are fantastic. Many of these are just lazy and un-engaging. But if you understand podcasts to just be a conversation between two people, then I can see how Clubhouse fits into that remit.

Secondly, Clubhouse is "of the moment". If you weren't there at the very point of broadcast, then you'll never get to hear it. With a podcast, if you wish it to, it will sit there forever, allowing people to discover and listen over and over again if they wish... over a period of years. That'll bring a good few more ears to your valuable information or entertainment. In addition, with Clubhouse, you won't benefit from the search engine opportunities that are offered with an SEO optimised podcast.

And thirdly, good stories (in my opinion) have a narrative - a start, middle and end. Clubhouse feels like the real-world equivalent of wandering around a party, flitting in and out of conversations. Podcasts (good ones at least) tell a story, take you on a journey, and hopefully keep the listener from the start until the end.

This isn't to stamp on Clubhouse - because it appears to have some real potential. It's just not a podcast.

That said, I am thinking of recording a future podcast whilst on Clubhouse - and allow attendees to do a q and a at the end, that will end up recorded for the podcast itself. That seems like fun. If you're up for it, let me know (and if you want one, I have a handful of invites to Clubhouse so you can join in the exploration of this fascinating new platform).

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