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Knowing Me, Knowing You

As we start our second month in business as Verbu, a little bit of focus up until Christmas.... podcasts.

When we launched, we purposely kept our offering a little varied, to see what people would be interested in - and focus on the right areas, when they became clear. This turned out to be a sensible strategy as our initial pre-launch research suggested few people had interest in using us for our podcast and online audio expertise. Post-launch, however, and that reality has been turned on its head - with seemingly everybody wanting to be a podcaster, and wanting to use us for guidance and production.

Amusingly, this shift in perceived interest came at a time that I had just downloaded the new Audible Alan Partridge 'podcast' (more an audiobook of supposed podcasts from the Steve Coogan character). Not only is the comedy continuing to grasp the zeitgeist (from chat show TV format, to small-scale commercial radio to the brave new world of podcasting) with hilarious moments, but Coogan also identifies the painful quirks and pitfalls that come out of this pioneering format (that you doubtless will have heard other podcasters trip over in the real world).

The fact is that according to Ofcom/Populus research released in March 2019, there are now 7.1 million podcast listeners in the UK; a 24% increase year-on-year and 50% increase in 5 years. And that doesn't take account of the increased listening that appears to be coming out of the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, and the subsequent shifts in entertainment consumption... that aren't even settled in a conclusion yet.

That said, if you've headed full-on into the world of downloadable audio, you'll have found a lot of dross; some of it badly executed, much of it with appalling audio quality.

So Verbu's mission is to change that. And over the next three months, keep checking back, every Tuesday and Thursday, for actionable suggestions to launch, improve and gain listeners to your podcast. Of course it goes without saying that you can reach out at any time for a half hour podcast consultation, find out if it is right for you, create a plan for your idea and discover how Verbu could work with you in the future. Click here for this free one-to-one.

Our fervent wish is that you gain your own "aha!" moment for your podcast (if you've never heard or seen Alan Partridge, you will have absolutely no ideas what we're on about). Oh - and we've put our money where our mouth is - OUR podcast is here.

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