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To 'assume' makes an 'ass' of 'u' and 'me'

I'd like to think it was only last year - but unfortunately it's probably 15 - that I took part in the iTunes 12 Days Of Christmas promotion. Every day, I downloaded a free TV show, video or mp3 to my device and I absolutely loved Apple for it - some of the songs were crackers!

I can't know what went through the marketer's heads but I would suggest it was this: they knew that lots of people would be getting new devices in their Christmas stocking, and would be looking to engage their newly signed up users; demonstrating the options available and offering goodwill in the form of a downloadable 'freebie'.

It was much-welcomed as the recommendations and freebies matched my brand new iPod Touch, an accompaniment to a daily train commute into London (until I left the damn thing on the aforementioned train, never to be seen again).

I was looking through Apple Podcasts on my phone the other day and spotted the 'New To Podcasts' section and it struck me that a) it was another great opportunity to welcome new gadget owners on board and demonstrate what a podcast is and b) reflects the fact that not everyone really understands podcasts, streaming audio, audiobooks and the like and needs a little handholding.

To assume that everyone 'gets' what a podcast is or does, is a dangerous route to go down.

So as 2021 dawns, what are you doing when promoting your podcast to actually explain what a podcast is, and the benefits that your particular series offers? And once they're in, what handholding are you doing to ensure they can navigate your production?

I'd even suggest you explain that it is free - regularly. The words 'subscribe' and 'free' are rarely bedfellows... but in the podcast world, they are!

Explain the premise of your podcast every time and tell them what is coming up; they may have visited episode 28 and have no prior knowledge of the 27 episodes of assumed knowledge that came before.

And with that kind of attention to detail, who knows, your podcast might be appearing in the 'New To Podcasts' recommendations in 2022!

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