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It's just as much as a surprise to us as it might be to you that we've managed to keep this blogging lark up for an entire month, since launch! Twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays without fail. This regularity, despite all the strains and challenges of starting a new business. And, sadly, for everything we tick off the "to do" list, another two bits get added!

However, thank you for being part of the journey so far - with so much engagement with our newly minted selection of blogs (and the audio podcasts they also turn into!). It is hugely appreciated.

A number of you have asked the story behind the name 'Verbu'. Well it's relatively simple; we've been involved in verbal communication for over a quarter of a century (on air, online and in person, as our strapline trumpets) so it had to be something that sounded 'wordy'.

Verbu comes from the Latin 'verbum' and because our prudish side felt there was a lack of professionalism using a word ending with 'bum'.

verbum n (genitive verbī); second declension

  1. word quotations ▼Res, non verba.actions speak louder than words (literally, “things, not words”)

  2. proverb, saying

  3. (grammar) verb

  4. (plural) language, discourse, expressions

So Verbu is (with an added letter m) quite literally... words. Along with language, discourse and expressions. Even better of course, is the modern 'verb' - quite often a station of action. And that's what we want Verbu to be, a place of words and a place of action.

And the 'u'? Well, it's all about 'u'! Hopefully the service we provide is a one-to-one, personally focussed one.

So there you go. Verbu.

Whatever you think, it's a good bit better than one of the other suggestions... 'Yappityyap'.

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